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#33 Scottie Pippen

#33 Scottie Pippen

Everyone knows #33 Scottie Pippen for his legendary career NB career, phenomenal scoring ability, defensive tenacity and championship wins along side Micheal Jordan.  He was definitely a superior athlete on the basketball court, but the Scottie Pippen strain is literally that lock down cannabis pack.  Which is a hybrid weed strain, it’s creator is Tranquil Forest. 

This potent weed plant was created by crossbreeding Biscottie and Lemon Cherry Gelato together and is giving off a 30% THC level.  After you spark up a backwoods or joint of this pressure and take your first pull the high is there.  

Super beneficial with treating depression, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain and much more.  

Users say they feel aroused, filled with creativity, energy, a sense of euphoria, full body high, upbeat, very talkative. Please beware if you smoke too much it will be your bedtime so as the smoke settles.  

In our opinion Tranquil Forest did a fantastic job on this strain for sure we rate this a  5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, definitely on our top five new strains list an is a Top Shelf cannabis. 


Enjoy our video below..


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