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Tag: weedplant

Understanding New York’s Marijuana Laws: Penalties and Regulations Explained

In the dynamic landscape of marijuana legislation, staying well-informed about the laws and penalties is essential, particularly in New York

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Hotboxing: A Guide to an Elevated Experience

Hotboxing has grown in popularity among cannabis users looking for an immersive and strong high. It entails filling an enclosed

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#33 Scottie Pippen

Everyone knows #33 Scottie Pippen for his legendary career NB career, phenomenal scoring ability, defensive tenacity and championship wins along

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What can beginners do with cannabis leaves?

Canna butter is such a widely used and sought after ingredient by many consumers. As it’s a main ingredient used in

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Our Top 7 Weed Stock Picks for 2022

In December 2020, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officially removed hemp from its list of controlled substances. This has

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Platinum OG

Platinum OG – is highly sought after just like the worlds most precious metal. The buds are indica dominant hybrid

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