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SkyWalker OG

SkyWalker OG

SkyWalker Og strain is a classic indica dominant hybrid cross between Mazar, Blueberry, an OG Kush. This strain is a direct clone created by Darkheart Nursery with genetics from Dutch Passion Seeds out of Amsterdam.

The bud offers a pungent aroma with a hint of lemon citrus and spicy hops, this one of personal favorites because it offers calming, euphoric effect, also will heightened one’s awareness and creativity which is what you need..

Skywalker is straight fire, giving off 24% of TCH and 29% plus of cannabinoids this bud will definitely rock your mind and body lifting you off to another planet just to eat all the snacks there.

Many medical marijuana patients use SkyWalker Og to treat nausea, depression and loss of appetite have all as well as moderate pain and physical discomfort. is rating this bud 9 stars out of 10, nothing but a classic legendary plant, so enjoy it while its around..


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