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La Pop Rocks

La Pop Rocks

La Pop Rock is a super potent dominant indica hybrid strain, crossing between TKBx2 and Z Animal. Users say after using they are left feeling rejuvenated and much more productive through out the day. Warning if taking in large doses, LA Pop Rocks may rock you right to sleep, so this should be taken at night time or after a long day in large doses. If taken in moderation this strain work well with your daytime activities, Wake and Bake is a nice choose for this one.

This bud is super rare to come as cross, so if you’re looking to get stone or faded grab this one from your local cannabis dispensary.  LA Pop Rocks is hitting with a medium THC level at 18%.  The smell of the fresh tangy lemon, citrus pine buds as you break them a part, this A very loud pack in our opinion.

Medical marijuana treatment patients choose this strain to relieve symptoms that are associated with chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, mood swings and more. is rating this bud 6 stars out of 10.



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