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How will Marijuana legalization impact Workplace 2021?

How will Marijuana legalization impact Workplace 2021?

The legalization of Cannabis has long been evolving. But growing

Marijuana at the workplace is still confusing. You know, various states around the USA allow its cultivation. Alternatively, federal laws are totally opposite in this scenario. And they seem not to make its growth legal in the future.

But stop! Don’t assume it’s blind cultivation at the state level. No doubt, state laws permit its cultivation. But you have to follow some rules regarding strains, location, quantity, and more. So, let us explore its growth at the workplace regarding these aspects.

Cannabis at workplace

No doubt, in the very beginning, Cannabis growth was prohibited completely. But, the situation has swirled to the opposite face in the past few years. Now, from medical to general use, Marijuana is legal in some states. The trend started to bloom in 4 or 6 states and expand in almost the whole USA, except some locations. Isn’t it?

Now, the situation is too lenient to grow with the workplace. In addition to Washington DC and four other states, the year 1990 put it in the list of legal weeds. Amazingly, the 20th century was a kind of hit with nine more legal states regarding marijuana. At that time, the permission came for adult use that left everyone surprised.

Now, 33 states are famous that have made the growth of Cannabis legal.

Cannabis and workplace policies

The current situation of cannabis legalization has made workers confused. Therefore, the recent behavior of employers is mixed. Some workers are still not allowed to use marijuana at work. Actually, they have the idea that the employees would fail to deliver decent work under its influence.

Here comes an outcome…

Actually, most companies do not bother with marijuana legalization. The key reason for restricted policies regarding marijuana is to ensure safety. It comes with zero tolerance regarding work impairment. Alternatively, you can say that workplace laws regarding marijuana are somewhat complicated.

The trend in employer behavior

The employer’s behavior varies between strict and lenient policies. Some do not allow cannabis consumption at all. Alternatively, others allow just medical Cannabis. Amazingly, some employers do not restrict its use. Even this situation doesn’t have any clear-cut boundaries. You can say the trend is somewhat confusing.

You will be surprised to know that some employees even restrict medical marijuana at the workplace. And totally opposite conditions also exist in which employees allow adult marijuana.

Doesn’t this situation create confusion? Of course, yes.

Cannabis and employee productivity

The major concern for the employers is the work output from the employee. Though the government laws may allow its usage at the workplace yet the employer may follow zero-tolerance. The worker may be under the influence of marijuana with an adverse effect on the performance.

So, this fact leads employers to put restrictions on its use.

Cannabis and work safety

The consumption of marijuana seems to have a strong relationship with work accidents. This is the key reason that has produced a diverse behavior among employees.

But, you will accept that the kind of duty also contributes to the level of restriction. You know, driving needs a full focus. On the other hand, there may arise good chances for accidents. Thus, the consumption of marijuana is restricted in this sensitive situation.

On the opposite side, workers may use medical marijuana to skip the pain. In this case, the employers allow its use at the workplace.

Cannabis and employee health

Long decades ago, the use of Cannabis was legal just to treat remedies. Cancer has a deep-rooted relationship with marijuana. In addition, it is also famous for relieving pain. Still, it can’t be prescribed medicine. Marijuana is too complex to study by researchers. Yet two components have been identified.

CBD and THC are identified as key components that are famous for affecting various body systems. An employee can get a dose in a stressed condition if the company allows it. Plus, pain and anxiety get silent with a single dose. Keep in mind, all these treatment impacts are due to CBD.

Getting THC may adversely impact your behavior just like alcohol. So, as an employee, the best practice is to get THC free dose to enjoy the benefits of the CBD compound.

What should employers do?

The key point is to discuss the employer’s responsibility in this confusing situation. How can they deal with this confusing situation at the workplace? Honestly speaking, they are not needed to adjust its use. But, there is an intense need to fix the medical authorized employees.

The employer can readjust the duties of the workers in a way with no negative impact on the company. Furthermore, a very challenging situation arises when a medical authorized worker comes with impaired performance. And yes… we can’t take a risk with his sensitive duties.

At this point, an organization should mention all the information regarding the use of alcohol and related policies. So, keep updating the company’s policies.

In addition, you can make the employees aware of Cannabis. Assign duties to highlight any impaired performance due to drug effects.

In short, if the employees are aware of the legalization of Cannabis, 50% of the problem would be solved.

Final verdict

We have discussed Cannabis legislation’s impact on the workplace. Now, it would be reasonable to give our final statement. We have figured out the fact that lies between legal and illegal. We can’t answer yes or no about its legality. Some states allow its consumption, but the employers of that state may prohibit its use for workers.

Basically, it depends on the duty of employees. Of course, safety comes first.

Our assumptions say that marijuana will become legal in more states in the near future. But we can’t say anything about the federal laws.

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