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How to grow marijuana in the comfort of your home

How to grow marijuana in the comfort of your home

Growing Marijuana at home has been getting hit for a very long time. You wonder, why at home? Well. Your curiosity sounds normal. Actually, some legal restrictions prohibit its open cultivation. I have a craze for planting. Therefore, my decision was to cultivate Marijuana. But, I did not have enough ideas on how to weed at home. My craze took me to my neighbors that have a decent farm in their house. They told me some tips on growing it, and now, I have very healthy Marijuana plants.

Are you interested in the cultivation of Marijuana? Congratulations! You are going to have your own weeds in the upcoming weeks.

I have highlighted some crucial tips on cannabis growth. Just follow the below guidelines and impress your friends and family.

Factors for growing Marijuana at home

Some factors deserve your attention to grow Marijuana at home. The most critical factors are;

  • Light
  • Growing medium
  • Air
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Nutrients
  • Humidity

Attention, please! As you learn to control these factors successfully, your marijuana plant is going to bloom for sure.

How to grow (Marijuana) at home

Growing Marijuana is a simple process. You can say there is no rocket science behind it. But, your expertise will take time to be polished. So, grab the fundamentals and let them grow in the most suitable environment. Let us explore what it is, step by step.

1- Pick Marijuana seeds

Picking the most suitable strain is crucial for messless cultivation. If you are new in this zone, we recommend you consult different strains based on their genetics.

But the question arises why is it necessary?

Good query! An expert knows which strain is good to cure a specific ailment. Your choice may be cannabis indica or cannabis Sativa. It all depends on its output functionalities. Alternatively, the choice also depends on your cultivating area. You may aim to cultivate indoors or in the backyard. In short, the choice of seed depends on the circumstances available.

Once you have chosen the most suitable strain, it is good to go ahead.

2- Select growing location

Planting indoors is quite messy. Actually, you have to arrange all the requirements yourself from good ventilation to water and sunlight. Alternatively, outdoor planting meets all the conditions themselves. Do you know? Cannabis is a sunlight loving plant.

So, why don’t you prefer outdoor planting? Oh! You may be worried about outdoor risks like an animal attack. You are right. But these factors can be overcome by providing good protection. Pick the outdoor place in your home and provide it with solid security. We are sure your cannabis plants are going nowhere.

3- Arrange the best light

Even though outdoor planting is easy and inexpensive, you have to plant indoors for some reason. Don’t worry! I am not going to neglect this fact in this discussion. If so, get ready to provide your pants the best light.

For a single plant, just place it in your window so it may get the natural light. For a broad indoor setup, you can arrange LED lights. Is it not an excellent solution? Yeah! Of course. Therefore, we recommend you use COB LEDs that resemble natural light. Plus, pink and purple lights are also good.

On the other hand, growing in good sunlight makes you free from additional duties. Keep in mind, for a small auto-flowering plant, 4 hours with whole light is enough. While the cannabis plants other than auto-flowering require direct sunlight for at least 18 hours.

Now, how would you manage it? Definitely, LED light is the solution to compensate for additional hours.

4- Pick a growing medium

Now, you may go for soil or Rockwool as the growing medium. But, I always stay in favor of soil. As the ground has a good amount of organic nutrients. You have no need to provide nutrients continuously. Alternatively, the hygroscopic technique requires special monitoring. You have to supply nutrients to the cannabis plants.

5- Germinate seeds

Now, the most critical stage is how to germinate marijuana seeds. The behavior of Marijuana says that auto-flowering plants can grow from seeds only. You can have a seed germination kit for convenience. You are required to soak the seeds in water for at least two days. But, make sure the pH of the water should be neutral. Acidic or basic pH would disturb the growing seedlings. After this duration, put them in a germinating medium, like soil.

6- Monitor vegetative stage

The stage when the cannabis plant starts producing leaves is the vegetative stage. This crucial stage aims to make the plant more substantial and bigger. Provide the plant with maximum water and sunlight for at least 18 hours. In addition, maintain the surrounding temperature warmer as the yield depends on this stage. The more you take care of it, the higher product it will provide.

7- Flowering stage

When plants start growing, this is the sign of the flowering stage. At this stage, continue providing plenty of water. But, now, the plant needs to be put in a less warm environment. The optimum temperature at this stage is 64 °F to 78 °F.

But the light schedule is different for auto-flowering and photoperiod plants. Auto-flowering plants are not sensitive to light at the flowering stage. But for photoperiod cannabis, provide light for 12 hours a day. And for the other 12 hours, you can place them in the dark.

8- Harvesting of cannabis

Are you excited to consume yummy cannabis buds? Let us check their harvesting signal. Simply check the trichomes’ appearance. Their milky look is a good sign that marijuana plants are ready to eat. Pick that mature bud and consume it in the way you want.

Wrapping up

Now, you know how to grow Marijuana at home. After writing this article, we have found that growing Marijuana is not too complex. I accept it is a hard weed. But, getting reasonable control over critical factors makes growth super easy.

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