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White Truffles

White Truffles

We keep getting emails about reviewing White Truffles strain so here we go. 

The cannabis strain is a hybrid indica dominate which is a combination of Original Glue (aka GG4) and Peanut Butter Breath with 25% THC levels 0% CBD.

White Truffle is really some fire, has been as touted smoker’s delight it has also won these following awards in 2021 2nd Place, Best Hybrid Flower, High Times Medical Cup Nevada, US

On your first spark up of a bowel, bong, joints, backwood the high has already hit you in your head like hey.  Stain is best consumed after a long day at work not before as it puts users in super relaxed state   (Couch Lock🔒). 

White Truffle offers a earthy, diesel, piney, aroma. Offering medical benefits to relieve stress, and anxiety.  

Users reported a feeling of arouse, relaxed, tingly, happy, feeling of sleepiness that takes them over.  Some complain that they feel extremely paranoia, increase of anxiety, dizziness, head ache, and dryness of eyes. 

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