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Retail Vermont Business Cannabis Licensing

Retail Vermont Business Cannabis Licensing

Vermont made the right decision for some this week by giving out their 1st retail cannabis licenses.  

First to receive licensing for the sale of cannabis for recreational uses are businesses in MiddleBury , Rutland as well as Burlington only.  

The cannabis broad Wednesday issued retail licenses to FLORA Cannabis in Middlebury and Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland weeks before this up an coming Oct. 1st 2022 deadline. Ceres Med, was granted permission to move from medical to recreational sales definitely a win for them. 

We know what you’re thinking right now, What about everyone else receiving their license.Here are the comments from the Cannabis Control Board in Wednesday press conference they acknowledged that it was delayed in issuing licenses, especially for outdoor cultivators, and that this would create early supply shortages.

“For for a lot of these outdoor cultivators, we are really just starting to get into harvest time,” said Nellie Marvel, outreach and education manager at the Cannabis Control Board.

IMO it looks like they’re trying to put certain businesses in position and not let everyone get involved an October, 1st 2022 is going to be a let down with them issue licensing everyone, but let’s wait and see.  

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