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Nine benefits of weed plant Everyone should know

Nine benefits of weed plant Everyone should know

The weed plant, which is also called Cannabis or Marijuana, has numerous health benefits that are clinically proven.

The weed plant is enriched with CBD, a chemical substance that boosts brain functions and works better even without using THC substances extracted from the same weed plant.

Marijuana/ weed plant was declared medical-friendly by the U.S. Food authority and Drug Administration in 1985. Also, a study by the Institute of Medicine supported by the U.S government revealed several beneficial properties of weed plant extracts in certain medical conditions. After recognizing the beneficial aspects of the weed plant, California was the first state that legalized the use of Marijuana to get better medical results. Later on, more than 22 states have implicated some marijuana legislation.

Marijuana herb has a surprisingly huge list of benefits you probably never knew before; I have covered a few of them for your favour.

  1. Cannabidiol has the ability to stop/slow down cancer tumour growth

It was discovered in 2007 in a research work, printed in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics that an extract from weed plant Cannabidiol has incredible capability to cease cancer by blocking a gene known as Id-1. The researcher also found that CBD extract also helps in slowing down the cancer spreading process extensively. Also, the research was conducted on breast cancer causing cells in a lab with cannabidiol substances, and the result was encouraging. The research uncovered the fact that cannabidiol had reduced Id-1 expression to a great extent. Also, the cancer cells were noticed to be less aggressive. Then, later on, the same positive results were obtained when tested with brain, breast and lungs cancer causing cells.

  1. It helps relieve pains and inflammation with arthritis

Another research conducted on weed plant in 2011, revealed that cannabinoid substance has huge pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties which helped many arthritis patients. The researchers tried a medicine containing a cannabinoid substance on several arthritis patients. After a few weeks, the patients on this medicine, Sativex, showed remarkable sleep improvement and reduced pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

  1. Chronic pain relief with weed plants

Cannabis is a compound substance containing several cannabinoids chemicals. These chemicals have a significant impact on chronic pain relief, and that’s why it’s commonly advised for the cure of chronic pain.

  1. Impressive results for reducing Parkinson disease

Another recent research conducted in Israel showed that marijuana helped reduce pains for patients with Parkinson disease. It was more surprising to get positive results with better moving skills with these patients.

After getting these promising results, the Government of Israel has passed legislation to make Marijuana legal. More research is being conducted under the supervision of the Israeli Government to find out more medicinal uses of Marijuana.

  1. Get remarkable results for reduced symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome

Dravet syndrome is a kind of lifelong epilepsy that starts in the first year of a newborn. The disease results in prolonged seizures and a high fever. Dr Sanjay Gupta, a medical correspondent of CNN, led a study called “Weed”. He treated girl aged five year, having Dravet syndrome with high cannabidiol and low THC and got significant improvement from the disease.

The drug used on kids helped reduce the annexations from 300 a week to one annexation a week. The same positive results were observed with 40 other kids taking medicine extracted from the Weed plant.

Later on, the Drs. Found cannabidiol substance extracts from plants work on brain cells to slow down overworking in the brain that causes seizures.

  1. Marijuana helps lessen Hepatitis C treatment’s side effects

Hepatitis C treatment is pervasive and has severe side effects, and that’s why most of the patients who can’t help with these side effects quit continuing their treatment. Some common Hepatitis C side effects observed are nausea, fatigue, severe muscular pains, depression, appetite loss and diarrhoea. These side-effects may prolong till the complete treatment.

Research by the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that more than 86% of patients faced fewer side effects when using Marijuana during their Hepatitis C treatments and successfully completed their therapies. In contrast, only 29% of patients completed their therapies who were non-smokers of Marijuana.

  1. Treat the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder with Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has proven positive results when treating an autoimmune disorder known as “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, which refer to a body condition when a human body starts working aganst its immune system for no reaon.

Studies confirmed that Marijuana could calm down the immune cells, which is the leading cause of causing Lupus disorder. It also helps in easing down nausea and pain caused by Lupus disorder disease.

  1. Marijuana is approved for the treatment of PTSD

In some states of the USA, Marijuana is an approved drug for the treatment of PTSD, and many people are reported in New Mexico state to get Marijuana for the treatment of PTSD. That’s the reason the Department of Health and Human Services permitted an application for legalizing Marijuana either in smoking or vaporized form.

  1. Help in healing the brain after traumatic injury

Another study published in the paper of Cerebral Cortex exposed that cannabis could boost recovery from traumatic injury.

The study experimented on rats, showed reassuring effects in Lessing down brain discoloration and helped in quick recovery from traumatic injury.

After getting so much optimistic results with Weed plant extracts, Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon wrote a note to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall that instead of testing the athletes for Marijuana, they should be funded to research more for the medical benefits of Marijuana for brain-boosting properties.

We have mentioned only the well-researched and proven medicinal assistances of Weed Plant, and if U.S. Government permits and fund more research work, we’ll get more positive results in more fields. Surprisingly, medical weed plant extracts are still prohibited in many countries due to its negative reputation without considering its vast medicinal property to cure most major ailments. However, now researches have shown plenty of health beneits of weed plant extracts and many countries are considering to legalize marijuana in their country.

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