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Canadian Cannabis Consulting

Hi. my names is Derek Francisco the owner and CEO of CCC.  I started this company in 2010. In 2006 I was raided at my home arrested and charged with possession cultivation for the purpose of trafficking.from there I went on to beat my charges. Not only did I beat my charges! I also received 197 grams of cannabis returned via s.24 order return of a controlled substance. I got all my grow equipment back and everything else that was taken from my home. Now I’m the most knowledgeable person in Canada on the History of Canabis dating back to 2000.  I’ve also been called an arm chair legal expert in the Cannabis law also very fluent in discrimination and human rights issues.  The Government of Canada has and is still violating the rights of Canadians everywhere. They have failed in constructing a valid constitutional medical cannabis exemption. Now they are fooling canadians into thinking cannabis is legal. Its not!


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