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Ice Cream Gelato

Ice Cream Gelato

Ice Cream Gelato is a indica dominan hybrid weed plant strain that was created from cross breeding Ice Cream Cake 🎂 and Gelato 41 strain. 
Ice Cream Gelato offers 75% indica and 25% Sativa The THC is at 26% so if you’re a lover of indica this is the one.
If you suffer from chronic pain, mood swings, depression, anxiety this a good choose too.
The flowers are popcorn in shape, fat, dense olive green, purple with orange hairs and coated with white crystal trichomes all over the buds, which you’ll get a chance to see them in my photos.
Ice Cream Gelato offers sweet and creamy vanilla flavor with hints of nut cake and fresh fruits. Offering a nice smooth aroma with a nut vanilla overtones.
After spanking up a nice backwoods or joint of Ice Cream Gelato your guaranteed to be high for hours being left with feeling giggle, happy, uplifted, talkative, and muchices.
Definitely a dessert because it will have you probably falling to sleep somewhere after awhile.

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