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How to roll a Raw paper plane full of exotics?

How to roll a Raw paper plane full of exotics?

Learn the easy steps to roll a marijuana paper plane perfectly. Whether you are a new enthusiastic or an expert marijuana smoker you’ll get the best outcome with it.

You don’t need to have fancy vaporizers, pipes or bongs to enjoy your raw weed, let me tell you an old school perfect method to rolling a joint to smoke weed. 

Learning how to roll a joint is not as simple as it seems. You have to follow some proper steps to avoid wobbly joints. I know, you are looking for the perfect rolling skills. Isn’t it? This blog is going to tell you all the key steps that lead to sturdy and non-runny joints. 

Let us not wait and jump to explore what those steps are. 

A brief guide on how to roll a joint

The key steps below, welcome beginners to enjoy a fact cone joint. Arrange the following supplies for smooth working;

  • The preferred marijuana strains
  • A grinder
  • Crutch
  • Rolling papers
  • A pen (optional)
  • Rolling steps

1- Grind cannabis weed

Grinding down marijuana into powder form is the key step for a perfect rolling Raw joint. With accurate grinding, the joint will be more consistent that leads to even burning. A perfectly dried marijuana breaks easily to ensure consistency. 

On the other hand, you can use scissors for manual cutting. 

2- Create a filter or crutch

Creating a crutch is the very next step after grinding the weed. Do you know? “Filter” and “tip” are the other names of a crutch. So, get the help of cardboard and put it at the edge of a rolling paper. Take a kick start with accordion-style folds and end with a joint of required thickness. This basic design is functional to avoid falling out, shaking and burning your finger. 

3- Fill the roll

It’s time to fill the paper with the shake. Once it has a perfect amount of cannabis shake, you can shape it with figures. The ideal amount for cannabis is half or one gram. Keep in mind, the flavour of rolling papers varies greatly. According to our information, hemp type paper is preferred due to its even burning and thin texture.

4- Roll the joint

Have you loaded the paper with the right amount of cannabis shake? Now, shape the paper and roll it. Pick the paper with fingertips and roll it in a final cone shape. 

5- Seal the joint

This step is critical and decides the quality of your joint. As you continue rolling, the paper gets tight. Make sure that the glued and unglued sides of the paper should be matched perfectly. Now, touch and seal the joints nicely. It’s time to luck the unglued side and attach it with the glued face. This practice will seal the sides up with open ends. 

6- Pack joint

As the last step, the open end is needed to pack to offer an even burning. A pen can be a good option but you can use any thin surface for perfect packing. 

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