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How to roll a backwood blunt full of gas?

How to roll a backwood blunt full of gas?

As intriguing as the title may sound to some of you, others might be wondering about what is a blunt and what’s the need to roll it?

Those of you who have some idea about what a blunt is, might be thinking about what’s so special about this backwood blunt?

Don’t worry and believe that you are in the right place to know all about a backwood blunt and how and why do we roll it.

1. What is blunt?

For those who don’t know about what is a blunt, a blunt is a cigar filled with weed to smoke. Most people think of joint and blunt as the same thing but the reality is a bit contrary to this. A blunt is a hollowed cigar rolled with tobacco leaf as a wrap filled with pot whereas a joint is made using ordinary rolling paper.

The reason for the popularity of blunt among masses is that its paper is thicker which burns much more slowly thus giving more smoking time than the joint. Also, the size of the blunt is another plus point for its bigger consumption among people.

2. The hype of backwood blunts:

To all those who want to know about the backwood blunt:

“It is basically a roll of 100% pure tobacco leaf filled with weed. It is a pure tobacco leaf without any additives unlike the other cigars having a roll-on paper made of tobacco pulp”

This brand was basically produced in 1973 and it comes in a wide variety of flavors just like any other cigar and continues to be popular among smokers for decades now.

Apart from the fact that a big number of celebrities and rappers like Mac Dre are addicted to backwood blunts, their weed gets at least one year old before it reaches you which adds more to the flavor and aroma of these blunts.

Also, the fact that it has a higher nicotine content makes it even more popular as for the people with nicotine tolerance, the combination of herbs with it gives you the high you need and the buzz you crave for.

Another good thing about these blunts is that they go up in smoke and stay ablaze longer than the summer which pays back for its slightly higher price than other brands.

3. How to roll a backwood blunt:

These 100% natural tobacco leaves are made in the USA and share the quality that equals a very few brands. We say rolling a backwood blunt is a talent in itself. However, when it comes to rolling a blunt everyone has their own choice and way to do it but we would like to explain a simple and popular way of rolling these leaves into a blunt.

Though they are perfect in their own way and have a very unique flavor on their own, you can still pair them up with the herbs of your choice in order to accentuate and amplify the flavor of your blunt. Make sure to follow properly if you’re new to it and if you are the one who has rolled a usual cigar before you need to keep in mind that this is not any ordinary cigar paper to deal with.

Follow the steps thoroughly in order to roll your backwood blunt in a jiffy.

Step 1: Unleash the magical cigar:

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to do everything with a slow and light hand as the leaf is much very delicate and can be torn or broken easily. Now you have to crush the weed for a smoother fill and smoke with the flow.

You can crush the weed either with your hand by keeping it in the palm of one hand and pressing and rubbing with the palm of the other hand or you can grind it for a smooth and even texture.

The main thing to notice is that among the two ends of the blunt, one is more tightly packed than the other one. This tight end will be the point from where you will start to unravel your leaf and you will be done with the first step of rolling your backwood blunt.

Step 2: Scrape out the excess tobacco:

Once you have crushed the weed and unrolled a leaf, the next thing you will do is to dust off or remove the excess amount of tobacco that was filled in the cigar because if you decide to keep it, your backwood blunt will turn into backwood spliff which is not purely weed but weed mixed with tobacco making it different from a blunt.

Once the excess amount of tobacco is removed and the leaf is flattened out, you gotta be ready to fill the weed in it which will be the next step for you.

Step 3: Fill the blunt:

The next thing you’re going to notice is that your leaf has two different edges, one is rounded and the other one is a bit sharp, giving your roll an indefinite and irregular shape. Now you have to keep your commanding hand away from the sharp edge i.e. if you are a lefty then you will roll the leaf with your right hand and using one hand while rolling should be preferred.

Now you will add your ground or weed flower and will turn and turn the leaf until the ground is in the central line.

Step 4: Roll to rock!

Once all your grounds are filled properly in the leaf, you are going to roll the blunt very slowly and gently so as not to break or ruin the perfectly curated leaf.

This can be the most ticklish and touchy part and will require a lot of patience so as not to damage the leaf. Keep rolling the blunt from the tighter edge and make sure that it stays tight while you rock n roll your way to ecstasy!

Step 5: Holy spit!

This is the part that signals and tells you that you are just minutes away from being in heaven. Now that everything is fixed and is in its proper place, you’ve got to seal your backwoods blunt with your spit.

The thing to remember is that backwoods blunt needs more saliva to stick than any other blunt. The reason for this is that the tobacco leaf is a bit thicker than other cigars that is why you spit as much as you can to seal one end of your blunt and twist the end with excess tobacco.

If you think of yourself as a perfectionist when it comes to smoking then what you can do is you can set the other end with a scissor in order for your backwoods blunt to look perfect in shape with a neat edge.

Step 6: Get high:

Now is the time to grab your ashtray and get comfy. The thing that needs to hang in your mind is that instead of just inhaling, you need to pay attention to the fact that in order to get high the smoke needs to get into your lungs, or else you will have to forget the high. So you are going to have to inhale a little deeper so that the smoke reaches the point where it is going to work the most.

Also, once you have mastered the inhaling process, you can step ahead and try holding the smoke in. This step will take a bit more time and practice if you’re smoking a blunt for the first time.

But if you’re used to having a cigar then you might be able to get to this quickly. This holding the smoke in allows your lungs to absorb the weed more and thus getting you the buzz you never had before.

Moreover, take it slow as the blunt is huge! When we say huge we mean a roll of 6 inches in length. Now it is pretty huge, isn’t it? So don’t shy away from stopping as soon as you think you’ve reached the perfect high.

Smoking a blunt can have different effects on you, physically as well as mentally. One thing you need to make sure of is to keep your munchies ready near you because you probably are going starve afterward!

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